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Video: How does Rent to Own Work?

Buying a home can be tough. Especially when you have to qualify for a loan during one of the most enduring credit crunches in our history. And maybe an unfortunate term of unemployment or forgotten bills came back to haunt you through rough credit. With such dents in your credit, the whole opportunity of homeownership may seem impossible, but there’s a way you may never heard of:

Renting-To-Own Gives You the Time You Need to Fix Your Credit While You Enjoy the Benefits of Living in the Home.

We have Property Owners who are flexible enough to allow hopeful families the time to do what is necessary to satisfy mortgage requirements and qualify for a loan. Actually, you’re both in the same boat. The Owner wants to sell and you want to Buy, so we specialize in creating a Win-Win situation which suits the needs of both.

Most people think rent-to-own is just a way to buy furniture or something. They don’t realize it’s a great way to buy a home, even if they don’t feel they’re in a position to own a home right now (maybe due to challenged credit, for instance). But with the right guidance, this dream can be a reality much sooner than they know.

Our Rent-to-own process is a flexible program that lets you move into a home TODAY that you wish to own (called “Exercising your Option to Purchase”) and gives you the time necessary to fix any issues with your credit and/or save up enough money for closing costs.

Highlights of Our Rent-To-Own Program (every Owner and home is different):

  • You lock in the price & terms for 18 months minimum and can buy at anytime during the lease period.
  • 100% of your Option down payment is applied to the agreed price.
  • Owners look for anywhere from 3-7% of the final price for the Option down payment.
  • Submitting your down payment takes it off the market and first full month’s rent will be due prior to move-in.
  • The more you put down, the more likely the Owner is to accept your offer over others when there are multiple bids.
  • Challenged Credit is Okay for Rent-To-Own! We also have excellent credit repair, debt consolidation & mortgage loan referral contacts…let us know if you’d like us to send you their info.

Just a few things to keep in mind when submitting a rent-to-own application for any of our homes:

  • We encourage our clients to have at least $5,000 available for homes in Macomb County and $8,000 for homes in Oakland County at a MINIMUM. Five thousand is pretty much the minimum Owners will consider for taking their home off the market for 18 months, and as values increase, option down payments rise accordingly. Our homes get a lot of interest and it’s likely you’ll be competing with others who have at least those amounts for the Option down payment.
  • Your Option down payment/Option fee can come from any source including: gift money, vehicle/asset sales, 401k or other retirement accounts, equity lines, etc. You can even pledge your tax refund!
  • With our rent-to-own program you have plenty of time to repair credit and shop for the best loan possible!

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